Flavored Dried Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms flavors

What Do Shrooms Taste Like? 

Magic mushrooms flavors “They taste like shit. Beautiful, magical shit,” writes one Reddit commenter. Buy natural flavor sweet honey, ginger magic mushrooms for sale. “Like feet,” answers a psychonaut on Shroomery. “Like sunflower seed shells,” writes another. And the descriptions keep coming: unseasoned pumpkin seeds, mushroom-coated raw almonds, uncooked button mushrooms from the grocery store. Metallic. Earthy. Bitter. Like dirt. That’s why here at Magic Mushrooms Shop we have added some natural flavors to our dried magic mushrooms for sale.

Magic Mushroom Flavors

There is little debate that magic mushrooms have a unique flavor—but how exactly do you describe it? Well, that’s up to interpretation. To some, the flavor is gag-worthy and extremely unpleasant. To others, the taste is what you can expect from many mushrooms. 

How to Make Magic Mushrooms Taste Better

Every person’s tolerance to the flavor of shrooms is unique to their personal experience: Some people may balk at the bitterness of the mushrooms, while another person may pick up on a nutty flavor. Most people would agree, however, that magic mushrooms have an earthy taste, far from sweet. These mushrooms are not the culinary mushrooms that add umami to soups and veggie burgers; shrooms taste more like soil and feature a spongy, chewy, and fibrous texture to boot

Magic mushrooms flavors

Some people are more sensitive to smells, tastes, and textures than others. As such, finding ways to disguise the taste of mushrooms can help you fend off an initial queasiness caused by their flavor and texture. Buy Magic mushrooms online with natural sweet honey, caramel, and ginger aroma.

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